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Rene Cassin from the grave...

Caroline Cassin from the Rene Cassin family imagined what René Cassin might say Today.

"Since the age of 6, I have had my eyes focused on the Fatherland and justice in this world.

At 26 years old, on August 1, 1914, I threw myself into the Great War

At 27, I received machine gun fire at War; "I think I'm done".

At 33 years old, I perceived the nature of the Nazi regime and understood the powerlessness of the League.

At 40, I boarded the Ettrick liner with Raymon Aron and joined General de Gaulle in London.

At 80, I received the Nobel Peace Prize for having written the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and I told them this: "Today, where there is no respect for human rights and freedom, there is no peace either. Every day, young people fall on the battlefields. Every day, prisoners are taken to prison and torture chambers. They fight and suffer for the ideals of the Declaration of Human Rights. Peace, everyone must seize it every day. »

Today, I rise from my grave to tell you this:

No, my family is not doing well when babies are killed and burned in their mother's arms while their fathers protect them with their bodies.

No, my family is not doing well when 260 20-year-olds are in plastic bags dancing in the open to celebrate a peace festival.

No, my family is not doing well when entire families have their heads cut off one by one.

No, my family is not doing well when terrorists seize causes to justify their crimes.

No, my family is not doing well when international and Human Rights organizations remain silent.

No, my family is not doing well when we grant a country victim of terrorism the right or not to defend itself.

Who are we to grant the right to anything?

Who are we when we look at what will constitute a crime against Humanity tomorrow?

Who are we when our children ask, "What did you do then"?

So, what did you do with the inheritance I left you?

Peace, everyone must seize it every day.

My family is not doing well because my family is "le genre humain".

René Cassin »

Caroline Cassin

Elected Member of the HRLA UK




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